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Adding a pipeline stage in Salesforce

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Select the Setup Icon

Choose Setup from the menu

Select Objects and Fields then Object Manager

The Object Manager list is shown.

Find and select Opportunity from the list.

Select Fields & Relationships

Locate and select Stage

Navigate to the Opportunity Stages Picklist Values

Press New

Add a Stage Name

Choose a Type from the list. Typically this will be Open

Add a Description if necessary

Add a Probability of closing this opportunity in this new stage.

Choose a Forecast Category. This will typically be Pipeline.

Other Options:

  • Omitted - not a step at all

  • Best Cast - maybe

  • Commit - likely

  • Closed - really likely

Press Save

The Stage window is shown.

Your new stage is shown in the Opportunity Stages Picklist Values

Press Reorder in this section

Select the new Pipeline stage in the list

Use the buttons to reposition the new stage.

Press Save

The stages should now be shown in the correct order.

End of procedure.

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